Recent news

Mar 2018: Xenofon Foukas has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Xenofon.

Feb 2018: Praveen Tammana has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Praveen.

Dec 2017: switchP accepted to USENIX NSDI’18. Congratulations Praveen and Myungjin.

Dec 2017: Chaoyun Zhang presents ZipNet-GAN at ACM CoNEXT 2017

Nov 2017: Yota Kotsikouli has successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Yota.

Oct 2017: Best Demonstration Award at ACM MobiCom 2017 !!

Many congratulations to Xenofon and Mahesh. The demonstration of the Orion RAN Slicing System from ICSA researchers, Xenofon Foukas and Mahesh Marina, and Kimon Kontovasilis (NCSR “Demokritos” Greece) received the best demonstration award at ACM MobiCom 2017 conference from a competitive pool of 22 demonstrations, including another demo from the same Edinburgh team (

Oct 2017:  Xenofon Foukas presents at ACM MobiCom 2017

Congratulations to NetSys PhD student Xenofon Foukas whose paper “Orion: RAN Slicing for a Flexible and Cost-Eective Multi-Service Mobile Network Architecture” with his supervisor Mahesh Marina and Kimon Kontovasilis from NCSR “Demokritos” was accepted to ACM MobiCom 2017 Conference.

Oct 2017: One paper titled Finding periodic discrete events in noisy streams accepted to CIKM. Congrats Abhirup and Rik.

Sep 2017: ZipNet-GAN accepted to ACM CoNEXT. Congratulations Chaoyun Zhang and Paul.

July 2017: Xenofon Foukas wins the 2017 Brendan Murphy Prize

Many congratulations to ICSA PhD student Xenofon Foukas, who has been awarded the Brendan Murphy prize for 2017 at the 29th Multi-Service workshop (MSN), aka Coseners 2017, for his work  “Towards Programmable and Virtualized Radio Access Networks”.

Coseners is the annual UK academic meeting for systems and networks researchers, and has been going on for close to three decades. The prize is awarded in memory of Brendan Murphy, who was an outstanding researcher and mountaineer known to many in the communications and distributed systems research community, and a regular participant at MSN since its inception.

May 2017: Mah-Rukh Fida presents at IEEE INFOCOM 2017 Conference

Congratulations to ICSA PhD student Ms. Mah-Rukh Fida whose paper “ZipWeave: Towards Efficient and Reliable Measurement based Mobile Coverage Maps” with her supervisor Mahesh Marina and collaborators at Simula Research Laboratory in Norway (Andra Lutu and Ozgu Alay) was accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2017 Conference.

Short abstract: ZipWeave is a novel measurement data collection methodology for generating efficient and reliable measurement based mobile coverage maps. It incorporates a novel non-uniform sampling strategy, exploiting sub-regions with similar radio propagation characteristics, to achieve reliable coverage maps with reduced sample size. Another key feature of ZipWeave is to combine high-quality controlled measurements (that present limited geographic footprint similar to drive tests) with crowdsourced measurements (with a wider footprint), which is shown to result in more reliable mobile coverage maps overall.

April 2017: Paul Patras joins key Communications research bodies

Congratulations to Paul Patras, who has joined the IEEE Communications Letters Editorial Board, and the ACM WiNTECH Steering Committee. IEEE Communications Letters publishes results on the frontiers of research within fields including mobile and wireless networks, network security, traffic modelling and control, while ACM WiNTECH brings together researchers working on experimental aspects of wireless networks and systems.