• Mahesh Marina
    Research Interests: Wireless networks and mobile systems.
  • Michio Honda
    Research Interests: System software for networking, systems for machine learning, Internet architecture and datacenter systems.
  • Paul Patras
    Research Interests: Performance optimisation in wireless networks, network protocols and architectures, prototyping and test beds.
  • Rik Sarkar
    Research Interests: Sensor and mobile networks, complex networks, algorithms, geometry.
  • Tariq Elahi
    Research Interests: Anonymous communication systems, censorship resistance and circumvention systems, privacy preserving data collection.

PhD Students

  • Benedek Rozemberczki
  • Caner Kilinc
  • Chuanhao Sun
  • Lauren Watson
  • Rajkarn Singh
  • Rupen Mitra

MRes Students

  • Jon Larrea

Past Postdocs

  • Xenofon Foukas (now at Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
  • Cengis Hasan (now at Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Morteza Kheirkhah (now at University College London)

Past PhD Students

Past MRes Students

  • Sivaprakash Senapathi (now at J.P. Morgan)

Past Visitors

  • Chiara Capretti, University of Brescia
  • Daniel Licciardello, University of Catania
  • Nicolo Facchi, University of Brescia
  • Massimiliano Molinari, University of Naples Federico II