All Things Cellular 2016

Workshop on All Things Cellular : Operations, Applications, and Challenges
to be held in conjunction with
ACM MobiCom 2016, New York, USA
7th October 2016


We are living in an increasingly connected mobile world, where smartphones and tablets are prevalent, wearable devices are growing, and the “Internet of Things” is permeating our lives. The number of mobile applications such as Apple Siri, Google Now, and Yelp is rapidly growing, and mobile connectivity is used for everything from Google Glass to vehicle fleet tracking. These applications and services have rapidly enriched our lives, particularly because much of the mobile ecosystem is vibrant and conducive to open innovation. An important part of this ecosystem is the underlying connectivity provided by cellular networks. While innovations in mobile applications have thrived, innovations in the underlying cellular systems are more limited. This is partially caused by the closed and monolithic nature of these networks, where the core design and operational challenges are typically not accessible to the broader research community.

Specifically, research in mobile cellular networks has been hampered by the fact that academic researchers typically do not have access to radios, mobile protocol stacks, management tools, and realistic cellular network traces. As a result, until recently most wireless networking research was limited on Wi-Fi. The emergence of cellular mobile test networks is slowly changing this state of affairs and there is widespread optimism in the research community that we are at a tipping point where the interest of the research community will align with commercial and regulatory interests to foster innovation in cellular networks. With mobile cellular networks becoming more softwarized and flexible, and the technological advances needed to enable 5G networks are contributing to a positive change in widening the research community focusing on cellular networks.

To continue to nurture this sea change, this workshop aims to bring together the wireless mobility research community as well as the vendor and operator community to share recent advances in wireless cellular technology and their views on the future mobile Internet. We seek to identify new issues from the operational realities of the cellular networks, formulate and present new problems to the research community. We want to address not only immediate problems, but also long-term problems, which may require radical redesign of the cellular network architecture, e.g., new physical layer, new architecture, and new application interface. The end goal is to foster interactions between the research community and the wider mobile cellular networks ecosystem (including industry and regulators).

Submission Site

Paper Submission                  : May 31, 2016
                        (Firm deadline) June 28, 2016
Notification of Acceptance     : July 8, 2016
                                                 July 29, 2016
Camera Ready Submission    : July 15, 2016
                                                 August 5, 2016
Workshop date                     : October 7, 2016